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Currently, the standard rates are as follows:

Large Single Bedroom:
12mo. Lease = $750.00 per mo.*
Pets: $200.00 refundable deposit, $60 per mo.

That’s just $2 a day! Save your pocket change in a jar each day, this will help “Rover” pay his share…Ruuff!

2-3 Bedroom:
12mo. Lease = $1300.00 per mo.*
Pets: Same as above.

Our standard lease length is twelve (12) months.
To be flexible, we do (under special circumstances) offer shorter, as well as longer leases.
Please contact us for details.

* Helpful tip: Most students planning on attending school for more than 1 year should consider a 12 mo. lease to begin with, even if returning home for summer semester. You’ll save money and hassle by not having to find a new place and move; and all of your things will be waiting for you when you return in the fall! Simply re-new your lease with us and pick right up where you left off!

**Some things to keep in mind** as you’re “shopping” and comparing places to live…
Less energy efficient apartments/older homes can easily cost you twice as much or more in utilities.

Ask lots of questions, and have a close look around yourself when touring.
Gas heat is very expensive in this area.
Electric “Baseboard” heat is very expensive.
Window style air conditioners are expensive and in-effective.
Are the windows energy efficient double pane glass?
Are the windows and doors drafty?
Are the walls/floors drafty!?
Does it have high ceilings?
If landlord is paying utilities, are there limits/restrictions?
The rent may be the same or slightly less, but you may end up paying as much or more after utilities for a place that is less energy efficient, and does not offer as many features, benefits, living space, or as nice a location.

* Limit 2 adults

Water and electric, that’s it! (Please read on…)
The following figures are based on actual polls taken from our tenants.

*What will my water bill be?
The city of Nelsonville, like all cities, has a minimum charge for its water services. Currently it is about $55.00 a month.
Our single tenants typically do not use more than this minimum allows, so about $55.00 should cover you!
If you are sharing an apartment with a roommate you’ll use more water because you’ll be taking twice as many showers (hopefully, lol…), and doing more laundry, dishes, etc… However… you’ll also be splitting the cost!

*What will my electric bill be?
Costs will vary depending on your “carbon foot-print” (how you manage your usage) that said, the apartments are very efficient and our single tenants typically only pay about $85.00 a month.
That heats, cools, cooks, cleans, runs all your gadgets and gizmos, as well as heats all your water for showers and laundry etc…!!!
!!! Use the money you’ll save with our washer & dryer to pay for your utilities !!!
A single person can easily save between $50 and $100 a month, 2 people will save TWICE that!

Helpful tip: You may contact the electric company and request to have your electric bill averaged. This keeps your cost equal month to month through-out the year, instead of small bills in the warmer months, and higher ones during the winter.


  1. Wash your clothes in cold water; a simple and effective way of saving money and keeping the planet green.
  2. Turn off stuff you’re not using, like the light in the other room, or the T.V while you’re on the computer, etc…

*Nelsonville Location

Having a roommate can be a great way to lower your living costs! If you already have someone in mind, have them fill out a separate application, and send it in with yours… please notate on both applications that you would like to share an apartment with each other.

If you already have your apartment and/or lease with us…no problem, you can add a roommate anytime you like! Just let us know, and we’ll add them to the lease.

Please note: Before they move in, they must apply and be approved.

If you don’t have a roommate and would like one; we’ll try and hook you up, or you can go to and search using keywords like: Hocking College, Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio University, etc… As well, the college bulletin boards and The Athens News are always good resources; as is simple word of mouth, social networking sites, and Craigslist.

Likewise, if things don’t work out with your roommate, no need to worry, we can adjust your lease accordingly.
We’re easy to work with!

Helpful tip:
While it’s true having a roommate can lower your living expenses; and in these difficult economic times it’s certainly something to consider… it has been our experience that while some roommate relationships do work for the entire period of your stay; more often than not things don’t always work out. Even when your best friends. When this occurs it usually gets messy, complicates, and adds stress to your already busy life.

It’s best to already know who your roommate is and what their lifestyle is like before you commit to sharing your living space with them.

And keep this in mind…It’s good to be a part of the many social activities and events that take place at college and in the community, etc… It’s also very nice to come home to your own private retreat; where no one can bother you; you can focus, and do things on your terms and on your schedule.

WE LOVE ANIMALS! In fact, we support the ASPCA, The WWF, The Humane Society, CARE2 and The Earth Island Institute!! You’re welcome to bring your pet to school!

We allow any breed of dog, as long as it is NOT aggressive, IS well behaved, AND house broken. We do however have a weight/size limit. Generally speaking, any breed considered to be small or med. size is fine, but you should check with us before bringing a “large” breed animal. Any domestic cat is fine. Fish, bird, frog… fine fine fine…!!!

We do not allow any illegal animals, as established by the U.S. Federal, State, or local Govt. We do not allow any poisonous, wild, or dangerous animals, insects, reptiles, etc… Some non-poisonous snakes are fine, as are other “less common” creatures/pets, but please… If you’re not sure, best to check with us first.

You will need to obey all laws/regulations that apply to your pet, such as license, collars, name tags, leashes, etc… Please keep in mind…Nelsonville/Athens laws/reg. may be different than where you currently live. If you’re not sure what your responsibilities are, it would be a good idea to check in with the local animal authorities so you and your pet are safe and compliant.

It must be healthy, and you must maintain proper care of it. It must be “house broken”, and well behaved around the other tenants and their pets. Pets must “live” indoors… (No outside shelters etc…) We wouldn’t want “Astro” to become a late nite snack!

You MUST clean up after your pet.

There are 70 acres of woods for your pet to have fun, and do it’s “business” in… The grounds surrounding the apartments and yards are not appropriate. Please have respect for your neighbors, our staff, and property and do your part to keep it a clean and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy. We do enforce fines for not doing so, and we reserve the right to refuse any pet at any time, for any reason.
Please consider how much time you will spend with your pet. Remember, you will be busy with school, possibly working part time, socializing, etc… We like happy, healthy and active animals, not bored or forgotten ones.

Pets have a re-fundable deposit of $200.00. Monthly fee is just $60.00… That’s just $2 dollars a day!

Helpful tip:
Empty your pocket change into a jar each day when you get home! That will help “Spot” come up with his share of the rent!!

There is abundant wildlife on our properties; Deer, Rabbits, Fox’s, Wild Turkeys, Hawks, Owls, Snakes, Bats, even Bears! Perhaps Bigfoot… who knows? If it’s in Ohio it’s probably on our property. Please do not disturb; and please have respect for them, as WE our sharing their land. You are welcome to VIEW them all you like! Our property borders the National Forest, and we consider it a safe haven for the “hunted” animals. We certainly welcome hunters to live with us, and you will find this area of Ohio to be a hunter’s paradise! However, Hunting is strictly FORBIDDEN on our property!

We do not tolerate ANY mistreatment, harassment, neglect or fighting of any animals.

It’s simple and easy!…

Once you have decided that you would like to lease with us, you’ll want to “secure” or “reserve” the apartment in your name as soon as possible. This will assure that we have an apartment for you when the time arrives for you to move. You do not have to pay rent until your lease begins; so for reasons of availability, it’s best to do this weeks or months in advance of your move if at all possible.

To successfully secure/apply for an apartment in your name, follow these 3 simple steps!

  1. Contact us; preferably by phone, to be sure we have an apartment available. (Chances are we’ve already spoken and/or met with you at this stage… but if not, start with the first step!)
  2. Fill out the application (which you can download/print from this site). Please fill it out as completely as possible, and don’t forget to include your references/credentials etc…and make sure to sign the last page. If you are an under-age student, you will need to have a parent or legal guardian co-sign with you. If you have no previous housing references, and/or little or no credit history, you will need a co-signer. They may include their Information on the same application. If you are applying with a roommate, have them fill out a separate application with their credentials etc… and co-signer if needed. All parties will need to complete and sign the application. If you have any questions, concerns, or a special circumstance, please feel free to contact us; were happy to help!
  3. Simply mail (U.S. postal service) the completed application along with your security deposit (One month’s rent) to:

Please make checks payable to Act Rentals (Checks or money orders please)(Do not send cash)

Once we receive and approve these items, we will contact you, prepare your lease, and start getting your new apartment ready for your arrival!

That’s it… now RELAX, go have some FUN; and do something good for the Earth, it’s “creatures”, or someone in need…we’ll see you soon!! THANK YOU!

After you have navigated our website and you like what you’ve seen and read, it’s really best to simply give us a call by phone (Any day 8am to 8pm). Or, email us your number, we’ll be happy to call you.
E-mailing is perfectly fine, but given the nature of our business, you’ll find the phone more efficient and personal. As well, depending on the time of year, availability can change on a day to day basis, and at our peak, it can change within hours, so time may be of significant Importance.

You may still have some questions, and we can provide the most current, detailed information and pricing very easily and efficiently for you over the phone, so no time is wasted.

Likewise, we can schedule a time for you to visit and tour an apartment in person, so you can see firsthand just how nice, clean, and convenient they really are.

Helpful tip:
Moving is stressful for anyone, especially for young adults coming to college, and their parents! We highly recommend you come and visit us… and our competition (if you like), weeks or better still, months prior to when you would like to actually move. Nelsonville and Athens are “college” towns, and the rental market is driven by, and reflects this.

In order to secure a “decent” place to live, the earlier you come, the better off you will be. As well, this will give you time to make a sound decision without haste, and assures that you find a quality place to call home. You will then be much more relaxed and better prepared to attend to all the other little details and “things” that will arise with your new adventure!

If you are planning on beginning Fall semester, most leases begin Aug. 1st. We are usually at 95% capacity by the middle of June or first of July. (Only a few apartments available) Therefore, it’s best to come and “shop”/”compare” in March, April, and May, and “secure” a place to call home. Then you can relax and enjoy the summer!!

Leave the rest to us, when August arrives we’ll have your new pad all ready for you!